Hello fellow students!

Basically, this is a short form that we request you to fill out for MIT Solv[ED] Research on the field of education. We are trying to understand the current scenario and problems in the education system, and your inputs will be really helpful, so we thank you in advance.

At BeyondBubble, we are dedicated to understanding the world through observations, writing about the society and its problems along with our opinions and proposed solutions. Our mission is to bring a gradual change in the mindset of people and try to spread benevolence. And it all starts with education.

Education is a complex and dynamic system, aimed at providing a base to the next generation. This foundation plays a crucial role in shaping the future of students. But more often than not, students get stuck in the system; and instead of supporting learning, it ends up limiting the students.

School years are the years of growth, especially development of the brain. This is the crucial time when students explore various fields and realise their interests. Learning is a tool to find our place and purpose in the world and in life. Still, most students, and even adults, don’t have a purpose or discover it when it’s already too late.

So we asked, “Why do students lack a sense of vision and purpose?”

And to properly answer this question, we need your help! Yes, your help!!

MIT Solv[ED] has given us the great opportunity to research on a topic of our choice and understand the underlying problem in nuance and depth. We are conducting a survey in which we hope to get to know new perspectives and better understand the problem. It’s a fun short subjective survey.

We invite students, teachers and everyone else to please share your thoughts in the survey in order to provide us with an unbiased review of the ground reality for a holistic understanding.

Fill out the form here.

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